The Importance Of Urban Farming In Today’s Society

Two fast growing trends among UK homeowners include urban farming and microgreens. Now, many of us know what microgreens are, the tiny sprouts of certain plants such as rocket, radish, and others. And we know that microgreens are incredibly delicious when added to salads, pastas and, of course, a breakfast omelet. But microgreens are much more than a delicious addition to our healthy diets, they are also very nutritious. In fact, microgreens have more nutrients per volume than just about any other vegetable. Now, that’s saying a lot.

But, what about urban farming? What is it and can you really grow crops with limited space in the city? Urban farming is just that, growing crops, albeit smaller than usual, in the city in whatever space you have. From rooftop and balcony gardens, to back yard, container, even soil free gardens inside your home, there is a wide range of ways that homeowners are growing healthy, delicious produce for their families.

Now, with all of this talk about urban farming and microgreens, let’s take a look at a company that has made it its mission to make urban farming a reality for many homeowners throughout the UK, even if they don’t have a green thumb.

Sowing The Seeds For A Greener Future

Teeny Greeny is a first-generation urban farm based in Wiltshire. With a team of passionate individuals, Teeny Greeny is focused on making a difference in the world one seed at a time.

Teeny Greeny specialises in offering some of the industry’s best microgreen varieties. Their innovative ‘garden in a tin’ and Farm In A Box make growing your own microgreens at home easier than ever. These are healthy, delicious microgreens full of nutrients and ready to harvest in just a couple of weeks.

By ‘sowing the seeds’ for a greener future, Teeny Greeny has made it their mission to inspire and support individuals, businesses, and groups of people from all walks of life to grow organic. This is especially important today with the coronavirus pandemic still spreading rapidly and instilling fear in people all over the world. Gardening, in itself, is a peaceful and relaxing hobby that anyone can do and they can include their family, friends and neighbours in the fun. But gardening also provides an important food source that many people often take for granted.

Having said that, why not start your own urban garden today and see just how rewarding it can be to join the green movement and grow your own fresh microgreens.

Contact Teeny Greeny

To learn more about the importance of urban farming and the health benefits of microgreens, contact Teeny Greeny today and speak with a friendly, knowledgeable microgreen grower who can answer any questions that you might have.

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