The importance of time management in an industrial setup

In an industrial setup, it is important that time is managed in a well manner. And one of the main places where time is wasted in industrial manufacturing and processing is to relay information in real time. However, recently developed tsn technology can help the industrialists with this problem. TSN was developed to help and enable the deterministic communication on standard Ethernet. The deterministic communication market was using nonstandard technologies or nonstandard Ethernet prior to the development of IEEE 802.1 TSN standards. The major drawback was that the standard Ethernet system did not have layer 2 deterministic capabilities.

What is time-sensitive networking (TSN) technology?

Time sensitive networking system or tsn technology is the IEEE 802.1Q defined standard technology. The main objective of this technology is to provide deterministic messaging on the standard Ethernet system. The time sensitive networking system is centrally managed and guarantees of delivery and minimized jitter as it uses time scheduling for the real-time applications that most certainly requires determinism. Time Sensitive Networking is a layer 2 technology. The IEEE 802.1Q which is the base of tsn technology, works at OSI Layer 2. Contrary to popular belief tsn is not an Internet Protocol standard rather it is an Ethernet standard. The forwarding decisions that the tsn bridges make, use the Ethernet header contents. The payloads of the Ethernet frames can be anything and are not mandated to the Internet Protocol. In simpler terms it means that time sensitive networking can be used in any environment. Tsn can carry the payload of any industrial application.

The importance of deterministic communications and its implementation in Thailand

Deterministic communication is important in several industries like aerospace, manufacturing, transportation, automotive, etc. And in these industries it is really important to provide a means for determinism over standard Ethernet. It is because deterministic communication enables new levels of connectivity and optimization. This in turn leads to cost savings for many industries. So if you are an industrialist from Thailand and want to make sure that you have modern technologies such as the tsn system then make sure you connect with a good industrial solutions firm.

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