The digital world has advances to levels the human brain cannot perceive. We as humans are surrounded by videos and sounds every day. Be it learning a new skill or deciding upon a purchase via reviews – it is all done through videos. These little bits of information contained in single video clips come and go every single day. Our mobile devices have advanced too – allowing us to conveniently watch television shows or YouTube videos on them. Therefore it is even more important to understand how much effort and specialization goes into creating contents like these. The hours spent are arduous needing careful attention to detail to the smallest of the factors which we as view might or might not take for granted. Sometimes, the creators get to fixated on the visuals of a video forgetting all about its sound effects. But the sound aspect of it cannot be ignored and in doing so we might risk making a bad content even if there is adequate amount of effort utilized. The audio is that part of the video which enhances its liveliness making it more surreal for the viewer.

Reasons why audio is even more important than the visuals

  1. Sound is a medium to evoke emotion: there three major types of sounds in a video- namely:
  2. Human voices
  3. Music
  4. Sound effects
  5. Adding depth to the visuals: visuals on their own are not as effective in telling the complete story of the content. The sound is the factor for it not only conveys the entire content with more liveliness but it also adds more clarity to it

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