The Geeky History of Chancellor Palpatine’s Lightsabers

Known to only a chosen few as the dreaded Sith Lord Darth Sidious, Palpatine acted as the largest axis of power in perhaps the entire Galactic Republic. Rising through the ranks both in his office as Supreme Chancellor and position within the Sith Order, Palpatine spent his entire life setting up what would be the death knell for the Jedi Order and the Republic alike.

It is a well-known fact that the Sith do not need nor want to use lightsabers. In fact, some in the Sith Order refuse to touch them out of spite for the Jedi. Palpatine may never have needed to wield a lightsaber, but he wanted to send a very clear message. Not only was he mocking the Jedi, but he made a point to prove that he could beat any foe through his raw power alone.

History of the Palpatine Lightsaber

The history of the first Palpatine lightsaber is one that describes the very nature of the man himself.

A lover of history and antiquity, Sidious was certain to create his saber with only the most premiere of materials and precise craftsmanship work. Combining an unbreakable metal known as Phrik with a rare Aurodium flat emitter, Palpatine’s first lightsaber was the cream of the crop. He went on to construct a similarly ornate ‘backup’ saber, which he housed in his Chancellors’ office. To conceal his true identity, Palpatine commissioned a neuraniam statue of Sistros to be built around the weapon. It went unused for nearly two decades while the Sith mastermind carried out his thousand year plan.

Uncertain Fate(s)

The fate of both Palpatine’s lightsabers remain undecided. The first saber was memorialized on screen during Episode 3’s climactic battle on Coruscant. Mace Windu’s timely kick to the face caused the Sith Lord to stumble, loosening his grip on the weapon. Palpatine’s first lightsaber swiftly dropped through the broken window of the Chancellor’s suite and into the darkness of Coruscant below. Whether it was ever recovered remains to be seen.

Palpatine’s second lightsaber has a less-exciting history. Seldom used for new battles, this weapon primarily acted as a blueprint for the rising Darth Vader as he began construction on his own iconic lightsaber.

Some say that we will never discern the true resting place of the final Palpatine lightsaber. Then again, only a Sith deals in absolutes.




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