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Stuff That Guys Get Up toat A Bucks Party

Organising a bucks party in Melbourne can be challenging. The best man has to think of creative bucks party ideasMelbourne to make the night truly memorable. The groom’s friends probably have something they like to do together, something that they may not be able to do after the groom is hitched. That’s the best way to start planning a bucks night. Maybe, the guys like to go on fishing trips, play football or go-carting, surfing, or golfing. Some friends might not be into any of that but they may like trolling the local bars for booze and women etc. For the groom life is changing. He will now have to ask permission from his wife to do those “guys-only” things in the future and his days of bar hopping may be coming to an end. The role of the best man is to give him a whirl around all the things he will have to forsake when he becomes a married man.

Strip clubs are kind of a stock standard for a bucks party. Spending a night at a strip club involves a lot of drinking and watching a lot of naked girls dancing, twirling, twisting and doing all sorts of things to impress you. When people think of strip clubs, they think of a dark space tucked away in the seedy part of town where you can get sloshed whilst watching naked women parading around you. To a certain extent, we have TV to thank for that portrayal. However, things are different than what most people think.

In the past, a bucks party was a civilized celebration of drawing room drinking and toasting to the health of the bride. The civilized part of it has been dropped in favour of a raunchy night out. Alcohol still plays a huge role but no one is toasting the bride. Instead, the groom is encouraged to forget the bride for a few hours and grab as much as being single would allow him to get away with. The best man tosses the party, invites other men and everybody does the best they can to show the groom the life he will be leaving behind as a married man.

Bucks party ideas Melbourne can range from boys only boat trips, camping trips, fishing trips, adventurous and sports themed trips like Snowboarding, skiing, Paintballing, indoor football or soccer, go-karting and more. You can plan the trip a number of different ways but somewhere in between all those ideas, arrangements need to be made for your buddy to see the naked girls with exotic names for the last time.

There are a lot if companies in Melbourne that specialise in packaging bucks parties. The trend nowadays seems to slant towards the adrenaline junkies and thrill seekers. You can present to be medieval knights by playing archery games or space adventurers with laser tag guns.

However, most men do not want to feel like they are planning an iron man training session. Those activities that involve climbing rocks or shooting clay pigeons may sound nice but if your friends aren’t rock climbers it would just sound stupid to learn something new at a bachelor party. Men are really simple, they just want booze and titties in their faces. Consider booking a river tour with lots of alcohol and food and topless waitresses or strippers providing the entertainment. There are companies that specialise in such cruises and it’s much cheaper and less stressful to have someone planning your bucks party than to try and do it yourself.

Take your boy on a beer, cider, wine or whiskey tasting tour. There are a couple of breweries around Abbordsford that offer beer tours and distillers and whiskey distillers that offer tours in Melbourne. Beer tours during the day are a great precursor to a ‘wild’ night.

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