Spend the autumn in Japan To Perceive the Endless Beauty

Japan is, by far, one of the most interesting places in the world to explore at different times. The autumn in japan is actually the dream season for the tourists as the weather gets cooler and the leaves start changing their hues, making the place look extraordinarily vibrant. You will feel inexplicable happiness to see the red, yellow, and orange hues of the leaves. And what about food? Think of the freshly harvested rice, chestnuts, oily grilled Pacific mackerel, sweet persimmons, fragrant pine mushroom broth, and what more. If you are already smacking your lips, book your tickets to Japan this autumn. 

Fall colors

Apart from the ephemeral cherry blossoms, the fall is ideal for seeing Nature’s shades in all possible colors. The Sakura continues to be unpredictable, but you will get a relatively long grace period for the autumn. So you can make plans at your convenience. Tracking the Sakura zensen or the Koyo zensen are equally exciting. It is basically the progress of the autumn colors throughout the country. The leaves begin the color waves from Hokkaido in the north and continue to the south to Okinawa and Kyushu. The Koyo zensen has a slow pace and lasts for around 50 days, giving the tourists enough time to absorb the beauty. 

Traditional festivals

When Nature celebrates, the Japanese celebrate too. Hence, autumn is the time for traditional festivals and events. You will get to see various local festivities, irrespective of your destination. The Nagasaki Kunchi Festival is famous, and it celebrates the autumn harvest. The procession of the mikoshi floats and the dragon dances that show the influence of Chinese styles are part of the rituals. Jidai Matsuri happens near the end of October. It is the celebration to commemorate the emperor’s return to power during the Meiji restoration. The long processions with portable mikoshi shrines with samurai-clad locals are worth watching.

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