Scientific Knowledge Present In Everyday Life

Science has always been a minority activity. And it is that to be a researcher, and it is a requirement to study at least the university. Still, in our country, of every hundred children who enter primary school, less than 20 finish a degree, and of them, only two are dedicated to science.

Although 99 percent of people live far from science, scientific knowledge is present in everyone’s life. It is essential to understand how the world works and make better individual and collective decisions, from assessing health risks to the dangers of pollution, deforestation, dams, nuclear energy, or open-pit mining. Whether we realize it or not, knowledge is necessary for our well-being example science has been used to build medical robots.

As 90 percent of scientific research is done in public universities financed with society’s taxes, the institutions have a “return” commitment. That is, they recognize their duty to share that knowledge not only with students and teachers in their classrooms but with those outside of them and who directly and indirectly support them.

To do so, university students seek to bridge what they call “the gap” between science and society, the distance between that knowledge that comes from research and everyone else’s everyday life. The public communication of science is one of the proposals to achieve this.

Its priority is to socialize scientific knowledge with relevance and social commitment through the management, creation, linking, and promotion of university initiatives of public communication of science that positively impact specific communities. This highlights the institutional commitment to offer and participate in social development in the region.

Science and Light is a space destined to respond to those social needs, a space to expose in a mass media not only the science done in UV and the importance that scientists emphasize, but also the knowledge that has been the basis to develop it. This knowledge has not always been available to everyone.

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Reed Hamilton

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