Regenokine – which type of therapy is it?

Using Your Own Cells to Fight Chronic Pain and Heal the Body

Inflammation or pain can create a lot of problems for a person. If not treated at the right time, it might create several other problems. There are several treatments available for pain. These include medication, injections, massages, or some sort of exercising. There is another much effective treatment developed for it which is known as Regenokine therapy. It is very different from medication or exercise. It uses a completely different method for the treatment of people suffering from severe pain or inflammation.

What really is this therapy?

In this therapy, the natural healing power of the body is used but in the most scientific way. The therapy starts with extracting the blood from the suffering person. The blood which is extracted is heated to a certain temperature. Then the blood is inserted in a special tube which is made to spin at a high rate. The heated blood inside also rotates in it. 

The circulatory centrifugal force starts acting on it which separates the contents of the blood. As the heat loosens the bonds of the blood, the separated heavier particles settle down at the bottom of the tube and lighter healthier particles form a layer on the upper surface of it. This layer is yellowish in color and contains healthy and healing particles of the blood. Cytokines is the protein that is responsible for the interaction between the cells reduces the effect of pain contained in it. 

This yellowish serum is then injected back into the blood stream of the suffering person. It then releases the pain in no time and the relief stays for a very long. And it is seen in some cases after a few sessions of this therapy the pain doesn’t even come back. This is an expensive therapy though and it is still not approved by the FDA but many athletes and celebrities fly to get the therapy from the experts in different nations.


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