Reasons for not skipping naadam festival tours

The many wonders on our planet remain undiscovered to many of us. Mongolia is one of the wonderful places on our earth which has many interesting features in store for every person with a knack for travelling. Mongolia can be easily considered as a hidden gem of the tourism industry and has the potential of turning into a world-class tourist destination in the coming years. Let us explore one of the important cultural festivals in Mongolia which is held every year in great pomp and show by the natives of the country.

Visiting a cultural symbol of Mongolia

If you have received an advertisement for naadam festival tours, then this might be your call to visit one of the notable cultural festivals of Mongolia. The naadam festival is held every year in July as a symbol of Mongolia gaining independence from China in the year 1921. The festival has been celebrated since the 13th century and was associated with commemorating many events previously. Despite the many symbolic significances of the festival over various centuries, the naadam festival can be accounted for as a celebration of Mongolian culture.

The capital city of Ulan Bator would be the prime destination of naadam festival tours. This is where people can find the biggest celebration in Mongolia with three different events that form the prime identity of the country’s culture. The three events include wrestling, archery and horse racing. Previously, women were barred from participating in any of these events but have recently included women in archery and horse racing.

The sheer magnificence

The naadam festival is one of the biggest celebrations in Mongolia. You would find a huge crowd at the city of Ulan Bator on naadam festival tours. This crowd would appear excited to witness the opening ceremony with singing and mass dances. The most interesting highlight of the event is the parade that showcases the nine-horse trails of Genghis Khan which represent the different tribes of Mongolia. The arrival of the parade at the stadium is a sight to watch and is unique in its way with many monks, horse riders and monks following each horse trail.

You would get the opportunity to meet different people from all corners of Mongolia during naadam festival tours. People from different tribes and parts of Mongolia come to participate in the naadam festival. This can be your golden opportunity to understand the culture of Mongolia in detail by observing their food, music and beverages along with a game of ‘shagai’ that is considered as a predecessor to the dice games.

Sport and adrenaline

Wrestling and horse racing are the two prominent events that can spike your adrenaline levels to the top with ease. The wrestling event is no less than any gladiator arena with many wrestlers converging on the field and searching for worthy opponents. The mere sight of muscular men battling it out for dominance but only for sport is something to look forward to on naadam festival tours. If this was not enough, you could find hundreds of horses racing on a field measuring 15 kilometres in length with children riding the horses. This can be truly an experience that would stay for a lifetime with tourists.

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