Read this to know about some tips that could help you to get through this pandemic:

In this hard time of pandemic, when everyone is locked up in home, afraid that they might catch the infectious virus, their mental health is deteriorating along with the physical. People are scared of the uncertainty the virus brought in their life. As everyone has lost their purpose, the cases of mental health issues like depression and anxiety has increased a lot. However, just by changing your mentality towards the situation a little, you can handle your life in these times and come out of it alive and strong. The most crucial thing that you should make sure of is not to sit idle and waste time. Because when you sit free and alone, a dark cloud of negative thoughts start to linger upon you. This provides you with the enormous amount of negativity that is ample to put you in a state of hopelessness.

The reason that you should not lose your friends in these tough times:

You might not realize but having friends is a bliss in everyone’s life. Your friends are also going through the same issues as you are. Therefore, picking that phone up and calling them will not disturb but let them get their feelings out. Various people have reported that they felt a lot better just by talking to their friends every day. Another thing that you could do is to start in some kind of an art form like making resin [เร ซิ่น, which is the term in Thai] art. This will help you to keep your mental health in check.

Never forget to get out in the sunlight and take a small walk around your colony:

It is very important for everyone to make sure that they are getting the enough sunlight every day. The sunlight is seen to have huge benefits over your mood. You should also make sure to go out with a mask on, and take a small walk in a less crowded park. Doing this will release the endorphins in your body which will elevate your mood thereby, making you happy.

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