Popular places to go for desert safari 

People around the world love desert safari and travel around the world which have amazing golden sand deserts with reasonable desert safari deals. The breath taking landscapes of the beautiful deserts and camels in the scenery is worth capturing and it makes your journey memorable. Camel riding in the desert safari is one of the most liked activities by the tourists. You can also do camping with your friends and family on these safaris to make your stay fun and exciting. Exploring rich culture of the places will make you learn more about the world and its beauty. 

Some of the most popular places for desert safari

  • Arabian Desert safari, Dubai – Arabian Desert in Dubai is on the top list of the most visited places for desert safari. If you are visiting Dubai you can easily book desert safari Dubai online at a reasonable price. This place has so much to offer you from exciting camel rides to delicious BBQ at night all can be a great fun. You can explore the desert on the SUV available or you can also do it by camel riding. For entertainment, you can watch amazing belly dancers and various fire shows that are held during these desert safaris. 
  • Thar Desert safari, India – Thar desert is widely known for the amazing golden sand and beautiful view of sunset. The golden hour makes the desert shine and this beautiful scene is picture perfect for all the travelers. You can ride the camels which are beautifully attired. The camp side is full of colors as all the luxury tents are made beautifully. The dinner served here contains a rich flavor of spices and is very affordable and delicious. You can watch kalbelia dance form and other various folk dances when you go for the desert safari here. 
  • Sahara desert, Egypt – Sahara desert also comes in the list of most popular deserts in the world. This place is full of ancient monuments and golden mummies. The night view of this desert is breathtaking as the presence of million stars in the sky with the amazing rich golden sand just look like heaven on earth. You can go for the desert safari on 4×4 jeeps or camel and explore the beautiful desert full of natural treasures. Many people prefer camping when they go for the desert safari in Sahara as it is known for the beautiful night view and landscapes. 

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