Memorial Plaques For A Cemetery: What To Know And What To Look For

Memorial plaques are a popular way to honor someone who has passed away. Memorials serve as a reminder of what they were to you and how they helped shape your life. Mourning someone’s death is never easy, but memorials help you heal.

With so many options available, it can be hard to know where to start. Here are some things to consider when looking for memorial plaques for your loved one’s gravesite.

What’s The Difference Between A Headstone, Marker, And Monument?

There are three common types of memorials for the deceased: headstones, markers, and monuments.

A headstone is a large stone that is placed at the head of a grave. They typically have an inscription on them that can be personal or have a Bible verse.

A marker is used to denote where the person was buried. They are typically smaller than a headstone and don’t have any inscriptions on them. A marker may look like a small piece of granite or marble with the person’s name carved into it. Markers may be set in cement or placed in the ground when they are purchased.

A monument is another type of memorial and is often used as your final resting place for you and your spouse if you choose to be buried together in one location. Monuments are larger than both markers and headstones but less expensive than headstones due to their size.

You will also find them at cemeteries as well as private homes, gardens, and other places where there might be an appropriate place for one.

What Size And Shape Will The Plaque Be?

When it comes to the size of your memorial plaques for cemetery, you have three options: small, medium, or large. Small plaques measure 14 by 14 inches and are perfect for listing children’s names and dates.

Mediums measure 20 by 20 inches and can be used to list a loved one’s name and date of death. Larges measure 28 by 28 inches and are commonly used for family gravesites.

As for shape, memorial plaques come in two shapes: rectangular and oval. Rectangular is often used to honor parents or grandparents while oval is more common for younger loved ones like children or spouses.

What Are The Different Materials Used For Memorial Plaques?

Different materials are used for memorial plaques, with two of the most popular being bronze and marble. Bronze is usually more affordable than marble but can be less durable. Marble is more expensive and more durable, but it’s not as strong as bronze so it will break easier. When choosing a material, you might need to consider your budget and how long you want the plaque to last.

Which Style Is Right For Your Loved One? There are many different styles of memorial plaques available. These range from the more traditional flat plaque to a wall hanging design. Deciding which style is right for your loved one is based on their personal preference and, most importantly, what you want in your final expression of gratitude and love.

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