Medicare Plan G- Your Money Saviour

Medicare plans are likely to fail in covering all your medical expenses. These gaps are likely to be filled by Medicare Plan G.

It is an add-on medicare plan. One always tries to prefer this one as it covers the leftover expenses of the main medicare plan. There are 10 add-on Medicare policies. Medicare Plan G is one of them. Thiscan be availed by the people who are above 65 years of age and are already enrolled in some Medicare Plan. If one is disabled even if under the age of 65 can also get Medicare facilities. Most of them should have enrolled in Medicare Plan B.

Cost of Medicare Plan G

It costs around $200 to $400 per month. The cost can range as well. There’s a premium cost which is decided by the Insurance company.  This cost has to be paid every month by the person to avail the Medicare Plan. This happens because each Insurance company uses a different method for evaluating the cost. You should always ask how the company does its pricing. It also depends on the factors like age, gender, location etc. It is also important to compare the different rates of the all the medicare plans. The Medicare Plan G has more affordable rates than the other Medicare Plans.

Coverage of Medicare Plan G

This will cover all of your expenses. Those expenses which your main medicare plan leaves you with. There is just one exception in the same. You just need to pay for your Medicare Plan B. Even before your Medicare Plan G starts. This is undoubtedly the most affordable one. It costs less, yet provides you with the best results. If one becomes eligible for Medicare plans, the first plan would be Medicare Plan G. This is how this Medicare plan becomes available for everyone.

What else is covered by Medicare Plan G

When one receives medical treatment, Medicare pays a part of the cost of your medical treatment. When one has purchased it, they can have that to pay for the medical expense that original Medicare did not pay or did not cover while paying for the expense. Since this plans are standardised that’s the reason that each company will offer somewhat the same basic coverage. When one purchases the plan, they will get all the facilities. From which company they buy it will hardly matter.


  • Medicare Plan G is a add-on medicare insurance plan as explained earlier.
  • It covers a variety of expenses that your other medicare plans can’t cover.
  • There are also some additional costs that Medicare Part B can’t cover such as the dental and vision bills.
  • You will first need to pay the premium, before it starts covering your medical expenses.
  • Plan G is the best option if you are new to the Medicare plans. It is pocket friendly yet covers all that your daily Medicare Plans can’t.
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