Lottery Tips: New Ways of Lottery Playing to Win a Jackpot in India

Winning a jackpot can be a huge, life-changing event for anyone. In a country like India where gambling is not legal and lotteries are allowed in only 13 states of the country, trying your luck at international lotteries is the only way to get rich overnight. These international lotteries are also good in the sense that the Indian state lotteries – wherever they are legal – do not carry huge jackpot prizes. In the international lotteries, on the other hand, the jackpots run in crores of rupees, making it extremely lucrative to try your luck at it.

Here are a few ways in which you can play to win a jackpot in India.

Make Use of Good Online Platforms

As you know, lottery is not legal all over India but only in a few states, so you can make use of online platforms like Lottoland to play. Lottoland.asia is the world leader when it comes to offering online platforms for international lotteries. If you register here, all the international lotteries become accessible to you from the comforts of your home. You can easily play any lottery that you want to. It’s better to research and opt for those that offer better payouts. Even when it comes to the jackpot, the amount varies with different lotteries. If there is no jackpot winner in a particular draw, there is roll-over with raised stakes. You should consider all these seriously before starting to play a particular lottery.

Be an Early Buyer

Do your research and be an early buyer. Don’t wait till the eleventh hour because you might get timed out of buying a ticket. This will just shatter your chances of any winnings, leave alone jackpot

Choose Your Numbers Logically

There is no denying the fact that lottery numbers are drawn randomly, but that should not make you choose them in an illogical manner. If you think you can choose numbers based on the birthdays and special dates and make big, then you are only making winning more difficult for you. Spend some time and make use of data available online. Find the drawn numbers in the last 10-15 draws and in jackpots. Figure out those numbers that have appeared most in the draws. Do your own analysis based on the available data and then make calculated choices while picking up numbers.

Use a Good Lottery Software

There is good lottery software available that contains the required data and tools to research and analyse. Make use of any such software to study patterns and changes and enhance your chances of hitting a jackpot.

Use Multiple Lines

To better your odds of winning and hitting a jackpot, choose to buy multiple lines and that too in different tickets. Also, use different number combinations for each ticket.

Be a Part of Lottery Pool or Syndicate

Being a part of like-minded people who are ready to invest together increases the winning odds drastically. You can set up your own pool with your friends, colleagues or family members. With more people, you can buy more numbers and hence improve your odds of winning without putting in all money from your pocket. Different people tend to do different research, which gives new ideas too. In case you hit a jackpot, you will be required to share your winning amount within this pool, but then jackpot carries insane amounts of money and you will get a significant share.

The online platforms have given a very good opportunity to those in India to try their luck at international lotteries. One should make use of this opportunity and make the best of it using the tips and tricks discussed above.





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