How & Where You Can Get a Natural Permanent Eyeliner Procedure

Natural Permanent Eyeliner is a natural eyeliner that lasts for more than one year. The Natural Permanent Eyeliner procedure can be done with the help of a trained professional. Usually, Natural Permanent Eyeliner is chosen by busy people who do not have time to do makeup every morning. Most reputed white-collar jobs start early and require networking. To be more presentable and well-groomed is a requirement for every job nowadays. The Natural Permanent Eyeliner helps the clients in maintaining a seamless natural look that does not require spending valuable hours in front of the mirror stressing about the accuracy of your eyeliner wing. You can do better things with the free time that you get when you do not have to use eyeliner. The eyeliner procedure can ensure the accuracy of the eyeliner is optimum because it is done by a professional trained for the job.

Search for A Reputed Clinic with Certified Technicians

Natural Permanent Eyeliner is available at many clinics and tattoo parlors. Every person must take care of their body and not abuse it. It is not optimal to choose a cheaper procedure and put yourself at risk. You need to be careful while choosing a clinic. The ideal clinic for a Natural Permanent Eyeliner procedure should be certified and experienced in providing cosmetic surgeries and procedures. MicroArt clinic is a certified and experienced cosmetic clinic that provides Natural Permanent Eyeliner procedures and other procedures relating to eyebrows, lips, and dark circles. 

Book A Consultation Appointment

Most clinics provide free consultation appointments for all the interested clients to educate them and help them in making an informed and responsible decision about their Natural Permanent Eyeliner procedure.

Select A Procedure

A Natural Permanent Eyeliner procedure involves injecting the colored pigment on the top layers of the eyelid skin. The injection is done by acupuncture needles that are thin and do not cause pain. The steady hands of the technician and the numbing cream ensure no downtime and no bruising/bleeding.

  • Select color – the Natural Permanent Eyeliner color can be chosen according to the skin color.
  • Select shape – the shape of the Natural Permanent Eyeliner is chosen according to the shape of your eye. Since every person has a unique pair of eyes, you need special attention and an experienced professional to determine the perfect shape that will help in uplifting your eyes.
  • Select size/thickness – the thickness of the Natural Permanent Eyeliner can be anywhere from a subtle blur effect to a dark bold eyeliner.

The After Care Tips

Aftercare requires two essential things to keep in mind.

  1. Avoid using any eye makeup products after the Natural Permanent Eyeliner procedure. Do not use any mascara or eye shadow.
  2. The Natural Permanent Eyeliner procedure takes about 6 weeks to be fully healed. If you want to make any other changes or alterations to the Natural Permanent Eyeliner, you can make another appointment.

MicroArt is an experienced and well-known clinic with a diverse clientele consisting of celebrities, sportspersons, and famous personalities who have availed their natural makeup procedures and continue to do so. The clinic has a team of professionals who make it their mission to provide competent and effective services to each of their clients.

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