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How to Maximize Cabinet Space in Your Kitchen

Everybody could use more storage space in the kitchen. It seems like no matter how hard we try to keep the kitchen clean, uncluttered, and stylish; it can be difficult to work with confined areas and little to no storage space. Luckily, finding cabinet space is just a call away thanks to your favorite kitchen cabinet refinishing cheney service. If you’re ready to turn your kitchen from cramped cooking quarters into a spacious paradise, here are some things you can do on your own to make it happen.

Use Your Walls

We’ve all had to deal with a kitchen space that wasn’t ideal. Making it work, luckily, only takes a bit of resourcefulness and a few extra hanging devices. If you have walls, guess what? You have storage space. Sometimes, when things are really tight, hanging a few pots and pans on the wall can be a good way to free up space while effortlessly giving your kitchen that bit of sophistication it lacks. You can even use those magnetic knife strips for a variety of purposes if you’re stretched for space. It’s all about using what you have to create something livable, unique, and a little less cramped.

Use Your High Spaces

You might think that any hard-to-reach spaces in your kitchen are a curse. However, they can be a blessing in disguise if you know how to use them. If your cabinets go all the way to the ceiling, you can easily fit a few extra shelves way up top where some of your less-useful items can live without having to hide in storage. If your cabinets fall short of the mark, no sweat. Install some hanging shelves or extra storage cubes above your cabinets for a bit more storage space to work with.

Get Creative

Don’t know how to turn your tiny kitchen into a cozy nook with all the space you need? It’s time to think outside of the box. Use hanging storage containers on cabinet doors, find a way to build shelves into everything, and use common objects like your radiator as shelving (with the proper safety precautions, of course. Anything is possible if you’re creative enough. Need inspiration? Take a trip to the container store and see what you can come up with. Taking a look at all the different options for packing and storing could help you find a unique solution to your kitchen dilemma.

Get Meta

Shelving is great, but what about shelving inside of shelving? If you’re having trouble fitting everything, think about breaking up your cabinets into smaller sections for an easier, more versatile storage solution for smaller pieces that aren’t everyday essentials. In addition to hanging absolutely everything you can from the walls, including utensils like whisks and ladles, try opening up your floor plan by installing a Murphy table that conveniently swivels and snaps into place when you’re done with it, creating an airy, open feel that’s ridiculously easy to achieve. If you have a kitchen that doubles as your dining area, this kind of device could be a game-changer.

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