How to drive traffic to your blog without spending a penny

If you own a blog, you might already know how hard it is to get traffic these days. No matter what niche you pick, there will always be at least 10 other websites with same niche even if you narrow down your niche. Competition is huge and that’s why old marketing methods do not work anymore. The best way anyone could think of driving traffic today is social media marketing or SMM. But you have to spend money on paid ads. You cannot spend a hell lot of money right in the beginning. So, what is the best alternative method?

Drive organic traffic to your blog with this method

SEO or search engine optimization is a term you probably know about already. Many people think SEO is time-consuming process and does not deliver you good enough traffic right in the beginning. It is not completely false. SEO takes a little time to give good results but as compare to SMM, results of SEO are long-lasting. You may retain the position on first page for years with a single blog post.

How to do effective SEO

The thing most people do not get about SEO is that you have to do SEO the right way in order to get fast results. There are few things a person must keep in mind.

  • The readability of the content must be good.
  • Create content that delivers value to people. A content that provides new information or deliver value will engage readers.
  • Create content for users and write in a conversational tone.
  • Create backlinks from reputed sites and try to create many backlinks from different sites.

Hire experts for better results

If you want results faster, then hire professional seo services[jasa seo professional, which is the term in Indonesian] provider. An expert would help you rank faster and you will also learn a lot while working with them.

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