How to decide which Airline Loyalty Program is the Best Choice for You?

Are you just getting started with frequent flier miles and rewards program memberships? Here’s our guide on what to look for while choosing the best rewards program that works for you.

One of the most asked questions by travellers who are just getting started with airline miles is “How to choose the best airline rewards program?” With plenty of options, and frequent changes being made to several rewards program, finding the right program that works for you is indeed a complex task.

Worry not, here in this guide, we breakdown the complexities of airline reward programs, to help you find the right one that perfectly suits your travel needs.

First things first,

Why should you give Airline Reward Programs a Try?

All major airlines in India have some type of reward program. The basic idea behind an airline reward program is that if you remain loyal to one airline the airline rewards you with frequent flier miles. Once you have accumulated a particular stash of reward miles, you can redeem them for future flights, upgrade to business or first class, spend them for other special services, etc.

Here, when we say miles, it doesn’t refer to the actual distance you have flown with a particular airline. Instead, miles are the general term most airlines use to refer to their rewards currency.

Should you Sign Up for Airline Rewards Programs?

A big yes! This is because most airline rewards programs are free to sign up. And despite the term, “frequent flier programs,” you don’t have to be a frequent flier to benefit from these programs. There are plenty of other ways apart from flying to earn miles.

Next comes the crucial part,

Which Airline Rewards Program is the Best for Me?

Simply put, there’s no one “best” airline reward program. However, you can choose the program that is best for you. While selecting an airline rewards program to get started with, there are several factors to consider including – your travel habits, how frequently you travel, the type of fares you purchase, which trips you want to take, and the strengths and weaknesses of each airline rewards program.

Here’s our guide on the top factors to look for in airline reward programs:

  • Ease of Miles Accumulation

Look for loyalty programs that make it easier for you to accumulate reward miles. For instance, a few airline programs help you earn miles when you stay at partner hotels, dine at partner restaurants and shop at certain brands. This way, you can accumulate miles quicker, even if you aren’t a globetrotting business traveller.

  • Ease of Miles Redemption

Just like miles accumulation, the rewards program must make it easy for you to redeem miles that you have accumulated. For instance, certain airline rewards programs are highly restrictive when it comes to miles redemption. You can redeem miles only on certain flights and award seat availability is incredibly rare.

On the other hand, the bestloyalty programs offer you a plethora of options when it comes to miles redemption. From redeeming miles for reward flight tickets to winning class upgrades, hotel accommodation to dining at restaurants, online shopping to booking cabs – look for airline programs that have a wide range of redemption options.

  • Availability of Airline Co-branded Credit/Debit Cards

Airline co-branded credit/debit cards are an excellent way to earn miles faster. These credit/debit cards work just like regular cards. You can swipe them for your daily purchases and even use them for online transactions.

The one big difference is that every time you swipe your card, you earn airline miles in your preferred rewards program. This way, you can build your miles stash, even if you don’t fly often.

Apart from these three main features, several other factors determine whether a particular rewards program is the right choice for you. Some of these include – non-expiry of reward miles, lifetime status, complimentary airport lounge access, preferential treatment for elite members like special check-in lanes, priority baggage, and extra baggage, etc.

Airline Rewards Programs are not just for Frequent Fliers

As you can see, airline rewards programs are a great way to make your travel dreams come true without having to pay a fortune on travel expenses. Make sure to research the different airline reward programs available in your location, compare features and then pick the right one that’s a perfect match for your travel style.

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