How to Avoid Getting Scammed by an Automotive Industry Mechanic

Although there are several honest and efficient automotive mechanics in Australia who truly love working with cars, there are some auto-repair agencies that prefer to trick unsuspecting car owners into illicit deals. By doing so, they not only hurt the customer financially, but these scammers also give the Australian automotive industry a bad name. Here’s a detailed guide on how to spot and avoid these scammers –

Ask them to Return Your Old, Damaged Parts

Deceitful mechanics often bill their customers for car parts replacements that they never really carry out. The ideal way to uncover this rip-off and prevent this kind of con is to insist that the mechanics return your run down parts. When your mechanic informs you the list of parts that need to be replaced, ask them to send your car’s old parts. By doing so, you will be making sure that your fully-functional car parts don’t get sold in a second-hand market. Just asking them directly will be enough for them to get discouraged.

Verify the Value of New Parts

If the bill from your auto-repair company seems to be oddly excessive, call them to ask about the price of the new parts. Deceitful mechanics often try to blow up their bills by overpricing car parts. Match the prices they mentioned in the bill with what other manufacturers charge on their website. If you feel that you have badly cheated by the repair company, you should file a consumer complaint.

The best way to avoid such situations altogether is to have clear discussions beforehand. Before they start working on your car, ask them for an estimate. Cross-check this amount with other car repair companies. Only sign up with a registered automotive mechanic who has the license to work on cars in Australia and is willing to take up the job at a reasonable price.

Ask for Customer Testimony

Never leave your car in an auto repair shop without verifying the credentials of the store. Most repair companies have websites. If possible, ask the repair company to show you testimonials from past customers. If the amount of investment needed to repair your car is high, there is no shame in double-checking and making sure that your care is in safe hands. Before you start any discussions, make sure to brush up on your automotive knowledge.

Cars are extremely personal and costly investments. Don’t be scammed by fake repair workers. Always look for auto repair specialists who are licensed and experienced workers.

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