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Want to enhance pleasure via increasing tactile sensation and increase comfort during sex? If you seek to have incredible enhanced orgasms, then THC lube will transform your life completely. Let’s talk about it in brief? What’s the key part of undergoing sex; it’s slidey, friction-banishing-lubrication, slippery. Now it can be easily infused with cannabis. The lube contains added features of weed, this makes lube vital for safety and enjoyment. 

In most cases, it is seen the partner feel little dry or want extra glide. One can use cannabis-infused lube in such cases. Water-based lubes are sticky, dry, and tacky. However, oil-based lubricant won’t hinder fun and can be used over water. They are generally safe and its intense glide will be in greater use. 

Why use lube?

Within the cycle, women’s lubrication will rely on a hormonal level. Stress, pregnancy, menopause, medicines, and breastfeeding will definitely have an effect on lubrication. It is stated in one report 30% of women suffer from dryness and it can happen any time. Want a spice to bedroom session, use lube for increasing lubrication. 

Types of Cannabis-infused lube-

Basically, there are two major types namely THC infused lubes and CBD infused lubes. THC stands for Tetrahydrocannabinol, a chemical present in the cannabis plant. The THC infused lube offers much potential benefit compared to CBD infused lube. THC proves to reduce nausea as well as vomiting. 

How does it work?

The instructions will be suggested on the label. You need to apply around four to eight spray-on inner, outer, clitorises, labia and in the vagina. This addition of internal application will offer the highest absorption. The skin of the vulva, as well as the vagina, is highly absorbent and sensitive, it works differently. 

You can see the immediate effect and progress in internal sensation. It takes around 15 minutes to get the effect of it. It is a pre-lubricant and the main purpose of it is to improve lubrication. 

Health and wellness-

There are various oils that are not evaluated by the FDA that is why it is to be ensured you get the safest and cleanest product. The product is tested on various stages like residual solvents, pesticides, potency, and microbial. It got made using the basic component- cannabis oil. 

You should make use of the oil after consulting from the doctor or any of the healthcare providers because it works differently on different bodies. It can be used with latex condoms. 

You can have an enhancement product online and enjoy with partner or alone to optimize the experience. 

Is the cannabis legal in your state?

There are ten states in the United States where recreational and medical marijuana is legal. It doesn’t include Washington DC. The states in which it is legal are California, Maine, Colorado, Vermont, Oregon, Alaska, Nevada, and Massachusetts. 

For medical purpose states like Delaware, Florida, Illinois, Missouri, New Mexico, New York, are legal. 

It is not like a traditional lubricant but topical oil with mind-blowing effect. The spray can arouse the greatest and immediate effect.

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