How High-Quality Roofs Can Keep Homes Well-Insulated

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Even though most homeowners don’t notice their roofing arrangements regularly, it’s the most integral part of any home. It protects the internal regions of the home from bad weather, air pressure, pollutants, etc. Without a strong roofing structure, the home’s walls, doors, etc. are all under threat. Another under-appreciated quality of roofs is the insulation they provide to homes. After all, most homeowners spend almost 50% of their energy bills on heating and cooling. Here’s how high-quality roofs can increase a home’s insulation capabilities. 

Getting Roof Insulation 

Roof insulations are barriers of insulated material added to the roof space. These materials can be added in-between the joists or the rafters of the roof. Typically, roofing experts use mineral wool, glass fiber, and other recycled materials as insulation layers. These layers slow down heat transfer in-between the home and the external regions. They make homes cooler during the winter and warmer during the summer. After adding these insulation layers, homeowners are guaranteed to receive lower energy bills, improved energy efficiency, and a boost to the home’s overall value. A standard 3-bedroom house can save thousands of dollars every year in energy bills after they get their roofs insulated. 

Seeking Expert Help 

Homeowners must bear in mind that adding any type of insulation layer won’t help reduce their energy costs. Trained experts must first assess the condition of the roof to figure out the precise insulation needs. Hence, homeowners must first ask the roofing experts to inspect the home’s loft/roofing structure. These experts will first clear the loft, remove water pipes to prevent them from freezing, and ensure that any electrical wires don’t damage the insulation layers or vice versa. The insulation layers need to be at least 270mm thick. Click here to find local roofing contractors with a long history of repairing and fixing roofs!  

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