How Can I Keep My Rice Warm For a Long Time?

  • Once you cook rice, cool any type of leftovers (including recipes consisting of rice) promptly and cool them. Ideally cool it within one hour, though some authorities claim within two hours is fine.
  • When cooling a large quantity, move the rice right into a clean, cooler container. Utilizing a broad container also helps. The rice cools down more quickly if you spread it in a thinner layer, instead of leaving it accumulated.
  • Refrigerate rice just for a short duration of days at or below 40 degrees. According to various food safety and security specialists, you should only refrigerate cooked rice for one day. I have maintained rice for 4-5 days, the storage time thought about permitted by the government food and health department. But I’ll try to utilize or get rid of (refrigerated) cooked rice after 1-2 days.
  • Reheat prepared rice only once.
  • Now that I have spent several hours researching rice as well as food safety, I remain in a bit paranoid.
  • Yet, I do love rice and all type of dishes in which it is a major element.
  • Intellectually, I recognize there isn’t a microorganism in every pot of rice I make or serve. Still, I cannot assist feeling like a clinical pupil that gets every condition they check out.

One point to Know

When rice cools gradually (i.e., you leave it on a counter to cool rather than being put into the fridge within 2 hours), the germs spores grow and create a toxin that can make you ill.

Reheating the rice won’t kill those spores.

For the majority of grownups, gastrointestinal disorder from cooked rice infected with Bacillus cereus subsides within 24-hours without serious or irreversible injury. However, it may more badly influence those with compromised body immune systems and young children.

One of the best ways to save hot rice is to use Heat containment Rice box[กล่องข้าวเก็บความร้อน, which is the term in Thai]which wil not only store your rice free of any microrganisms, but it will also keep them warm.

How Heat Containment Rice BoxWorks?

You most likely already know what we’re discussing. If you load it with warm rice in the early morning, you’ll be able to consume rice soup at lunch break. The scientific trick to a heat containment rice boxis a vacuum. No, not the kind of vacuum cleaner you utilize to clean your floors. We’re speaking about the type of vacuum that merely indicates the absence of air.

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