Highlights On Product Marketing

Product Marketing is the marketing process through which a product is brought to market; This includes its launch and market positioning, which must be unified with the objectives of the brand and be understandable to the Buyer People through the sales funnel.

The marketing and communication actions carried out for a product are different from those of service.

So pay attention to what follows and sell your product as it should be and make it rank well on top google Ranked in google search engine (ติดอันดับ google, which is the term in Thai) google searches.

What is Product Marketing?

Product Marketing is a process of research, promotion and sale of a product to a particular market. This process is responsible for ensuring that the right people gain knowledge about the product in question and that they are clear about the procedure for its use.

Product marketing includes listening to consumer needs throughout the product life cycle.

Knowing your consumption habits, interests, behaviours and even your day to day are essential: what is the product without the potential people who could buy it?

Is Luxury Product Marketing A New Reef For Companies?

People, for the most part, like exclusivity, to feel that what they consume is unique and that, therefore, they are special.

Product marketing does not sell them as such, and it sells the fantasy and the desire of many to leave their area of ​​everyday comfort and move to another area in which the deepest wishes come true.

Going through the four P’s and the first being the product, the value proposition in a luxury product marketing goes beyond the functional benefits of what is sold and focuses on the emotional benefits.

In this way, the touch of emotion makes Adidas not sell shoes, but the feeling of achieving a sporting goal; The way artists enjoy their daily activities using this product is sold.


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