Get Familiar with the Valuable Features of WP Reset Tool

Creating a WordPress site or developing themes is quite though. The situation worsens, when something that cannot be undone goes wrong, and you have no choice but to reinstall WordPress to start all over again.

Reinstalling of WordPress is the best option when developers feel frustrated and annoyed because of making some irreversible error. Fortunately, the WP Reset tool can be used to reset WordPress to its default condition, with a few clicks. You can say Good-bye to the lengthy troublesome reinstalls! However, reinstalling WP is not exactly hard, but rather tedious.

What is WP reset?

WP Reset is a process, where all the databases and files are refreshed to their original installation state. An existing WP site can regain its default state, without any need to go through the whole time-consuming downloading and installation process of a new WP site. You can start fresh from the site you already have.

What’s WP Reset plugin?

WP Reset plugin makes it possible to do advanced reset for WordPress. It also allows you to do partial resets as per your specific needs. It will help to –


  • All the pages, posts, comments, custom post types, users, media entries
  • All the default database tables
  • All the custom database tables having the same prefix as used by default in wp-config.php

Will not delete or change…..

  • Media files – will not be seen under Media in the admin, but remains untouched in the wp-uploads folder.
  • Uploads, themes, and plugin files stay the same.
  • Site title, address, and language along with WP address and search engine visibility setting remain untouched.
  • Users logged in currently remain the same including existing username & password.

Valuable features of WP Reset Tool

Post-reset actions

If you wish plugins & themes exactly as they are then you can reactivate the current theme, reactivate all currently active plugins, and reactivate WP Reset. WP Reset tool will remove everything else but leave the chosen option as it is.


Before you click reset WP, create a snapshot. You can take a snapshot in 10 seconds. The button is installed next to the reset button. Snapshot allows restoring the WP site because reset cannot be undone.

WP-CLI support

The command line can be used to reset WP. The WP Reset tool supports WP-CLI. Commands can be got through ‘wp help reset’. These commands need to be confirmed by default. If you desire to skip confirmation choose the ‘yes’ option. Remember, the first user having admin privileges will get restored after reset and not the active user. Therefor have a backup or snapshot before using WP-CLI.

Partial reset tools

  • Delete uploads
  • Delete transients
  • Delete plugins
  • Delete themes
  • Reset theme options
  • Delete or empty custom tables
  • Delete .htaccess file

WP Reset is user-friendly, convenient, and easy to use. It is designed for developers and even non-tech savvy guys can use it. The reset process takes a few seconds to complete and you are all ready to start on a blank slate!

Before you consider doing for a complete reset of your WP site, you must fist check if you can redirect the error or problem pages, and make your existing site work. You can use any of the best WordPress redirect plugin to do it easily.

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