Four Types of IP Protection for Business

There are four types of intellectual property protection for business in Israel, just as there are in the United States. However, intellectual property laws in Israel are changing, just because Israel’s interest is to participate with the international treaties that it has signed. Intellectual property law also covers artwork, music, and literature. You can trademark words or phrases if you want to. Intellectual property law dabbles in having new technologies. David Page Law covers intellectual property for a patent or trademark at your request. The international community recognizes intellectual property law in Israel where David Page Law practices. 

Copyrights and design patents are weaker than other forms of intellectual property law such as the trademark and the patent, other aspects of intellectual property law covers unique work such as films. Is your patent new and a huge invention you can market? If your patent is unique enough to be called State of the Art, this needs to be used just to piece together the status of your invention being able to get a patent in the first place. The Patent Cooperation Treaty is an international patent law treaty, finished in 1970. This treaty is designed to help countries file patents that are good internationally.

Copyrighting a creative work in Israel falls under Israel’s intellectual property laws that have been under recent legislative changes due to international criticism on the way Israel manages its intellectual property. The Patent Cooperation Treaty requires that the patent filer goes to a Receiving Office (RO), filing the patent in one language, which then can open doors to release a product to the market. The patent is subject to the copyright laws drafted in 1988. These laws have reached the Knesset to be processed because new patent laws are being considered. 

A patent is simply paperwork that protects the owner’s invention to be made, sold, or used by anybody else for a specific length of time, such as 20 years when granted to the patent holder. If you file a patent, even in Israel you pay a certain amount of fees. Patents are taken care of by Israel’s Ministry of Justice. David Page Law offers a way to get specific legal advice on how to get a patent in Israel, while also making sure to file your exclusive rights in the United States. David Page Law is a provider of the no hourly billing system. 

We offer onsite visits with our practice focused on companies. David has served in Israel at the Woolfson Weinstein firm for half a decade, having served almost 7 years as the General Counsel and Regulatory Compliance Director of the American Israeli company called Cupron, Inc. He has experience with international intellectual property law. Not only does he deal with international intellectual property law he is also experienced with complex commercial law, wills, trusts, and estates, and issues revolving around tax planning. He understands US Patent law, as an author of published scholarly articles while also having lectured at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem Faculty of Law. 

Patents are issued to a unique new technology because the inventor has the right to make money off of what they have invented. Utility patents protect inventions with a specific type of function, such as a chemical or machines. Design patents are made to cover industrial designs and other designs. Agriculture patents are there to cover asexually reproduced plants. Trademarks are a type of intellectual property on the names, marks, and slogans of products and companies. Israeli patent law is there to make sure that a new invention is not infringed on.

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