Five little known geranium oil benefits

Geranium oil is oil like is therapeutic, and anti-depressant and It has many more benefits as well. Why do you need to use it though? Well, mostly because The stress that modern human has to put through has taken away is our peace of mind and also the ability to fall into sleep easily. The new technologies have made it even harder as we spend most of our time staring at the screen.  But we cannot function or perform our responsibilities to family or the service if we can get enough sleep. Finding ways to calm ourselves down is very important. Here are some excellent geranium oil benefits you might not hear about before.

Geranium oil Works amazingly for wrinkle

Geranium oil is widely used dermatologically for anti-aging treatments. This oil minimizes the appearance of a wrinkle in the face. Tightening the facial skin and slowing down the aging process is the most fantastic thing that geranium oil gives us. Just take two drops of oil and apply on your face like a lotion. Take the oil down to your neck as well because our neck shows the signs of aging first.

Geranium oil Helps with any cramps in muscle

Working out makes our body look good and all. But the pain you have to go through in the initial days of workout is not pleasing at all. Geranium oil can come to your rescue. Mix five drops of geranium oil with jojoba oil and make a massage oil out of it when you are massaging, focus on the muscles and areas where you have cramps more.

Geranium oil Fights infection

Geranium oil is proved to have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal abilities. Also, it helps your body from getting infected. Not only that, Geranium oil will protect you from getting an external infection.  For using geranium oil for infection, mix two drops of the oil with any other carrier oil. Use it until the infection gets healed. This oil also helps to cure allergies or skin related diseases. This oil can heal the wound as oil. It has skin healing properties that will improve any of your injuries fast.

Geranium oil helps with anxiety and depression

Anxiety and depression is something that most of us go through nowadays. To fight it, you can use geranium oil benefits. It will calm down your nerves and help you sleep better. Aromatherapy is now considered as one of the best ways of treating anxiety for a lot of people. It was tested on animals and shown that it helped the animals to calm them down. Some people use it before going to the operation theatre or labor room. It relaxes them from stress and anxiety.

Geranium oil Eliminates body odor

In summers, we are always insecure about how we smell. The smell comes from the germs that form in our body because of the germs. If you can kill the germs, you are done. So what geranium oil does is kill the bacteria there and eliminates odor. The floral scent of geranium oil also gives you fresh smell for the day. The deodorant that we use every day is packed with chemicals that are not so great for our body. Geranium oil can be an ultimate replacement of deodorant in your household.

Precautions before using geranium oil

If you use the geranium oil correctly, you will see the difference within some days. But some people are sensitive to a lot of things. If you are one of them, be careful. If any burning sensation or itching happens, it’s not suitable for you. And do not ever use the oil without diluting with a carrier oil. Mix the geranium oil with any carrier oil and treat your problems.

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