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Find the Best Above Ground Storm Shelters

Tornadoes are responsible for the loss of many lives. They also result in millions of dollars in structural damage each year, but in the end,it is not about material assets but about saving the lives of the people you love and value.If you live in an area prone to tornadoes, it’s important to invest in a good above ground storm shelter to protect you and your family. Tornadoes don’t give you loads of time to get away from the house. They hit in minutes which is why a storm shelter provides a secure place for your family to go during a tornado.

Storm shelters are built in many different ways and are not just in basements or underground as they were some 50 years ago. Modern above ground storm shelters Texas come in different sizes and types and it’s important to know a little about the different types of shelters before choosing one. In this post we will give you the insight you need to find the best storm shelter for your home.

What Is a Storm Shelter?

If you have just moved to a “Tornado Alley” (a geolocation where tornadoes are known to hit), you may not know about the need for a storm shelter.

Storm shelters serve for emergency purposes. It is a safe room made of strong material. In an emergency, homeowners can take their families to this safe room or shelter to protect them from the powerful winds and flying debris of a tornado. These shelters also have a secondary purpose, that of protecting a family from intruders or burglars.

It is important to know that a tornado has the strength to destroy an entire home. A good shelter can be made underground (as in older basements) or above ground (as in steel rooms). They use special building techniques to create a safe room, either inside your home or as a stand-alone unit placed outside. Families use these units to protect the people they love from an ongoing storm. These rooms are built out of a variety of materials and also come in different styles and sizes.

What Is In Ground Shelters

Before defining the in-ground shelter we must say that these options are not as safe as the exterior storm shelters, however, many older homes were built with these underground shelters. These are rudimentary shelters that are embedded in the earth. They are also known as storm cellars or underground bunkers. Whatever their name, they were and are still used to protect people from an ongoing tornado.

The problem with this type of shelter is that it can easily flood, or debris and rodents often overtake the area. This especially happens when the shelter is forgotten, never cleaned or is the abandoned area of an older home which is why we always recommend an above-ground shelter.

Above Ground Shelters

This type of shelter is not embedded in the earth and can be placed anywhere in the home ( like in a closet, a special room or as a stand-alone-room outside.) These shelters are above ground and are ideal for families with small children, handicapped members or for yourself. These shelters protect you from storms, intruders and are even made to prevent small Intruders like snakes, spiders and mice from getting in. They are just as secure as the in-ground shelter, and in most cases, even more secure.

Above-ground safe rooms are easier to access and are made of concrete, welded or modular construction materials. Most exterior shelters have emergency exits and specialized air vents for easier breathing.

What Type of Above Ground Shelter Should I find?

The storm shelter you choose depends on your property size, the size of the shelter you want and any local ordinances that apply to your area. Check to see the FEMA regulations for the area you live in before you make a purchase. Just remember the best storm shelter for your home will also be one that is big enough for all family members. There are shelter options to hold as few as three people or as many as 20.

Shelter Security

Whatever your size choice, you also want to check on the shelter security. Be sure to read the specs on the shelter to ensure it protects your family. Homeowners also appreciate shelters that lock from the inside to keep human Intruders out in case of a burglary or other dangerous situation. Be sure to consider shelter materials that are indestructible such as steel. You also want to find a structure that has emergency exits so you don’t have to be worried about being locked in.

These are the primary features to look for when thinking about finding a good above-ground storm shelter. purchasing a storm shelter is a serious decision, one that can save lives, so shop carefully. If you have further questions or doubts please be sure to give us a call.

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