Everything You Need To Know About Fishing Near Bangkok

Adored as the “Land of Smiles”, Thailand treasures some of the alluring freshwater lakes and beaches that are famous for their native South Asian and imported species of fishes across the globe. Not just seasoned anglers, but even beginners can catch monster-sized fishes using minimal equipments, giving everyone the opportunity to dive into the ultimate fishing experience of a lifetime. 

Thailand: A Paradise For Anglers 

The inland waterways of the country are heaven for fishing. A number of giant freshwater fishes and river monsters thrive here, including the world’s largest freshwater species. In addition, the climate is similar to that of Amazon’s rainforest; this itself allows fishes to breed at their maximum potential. 

Sport fishing celebrities, world record holders, tournament winners, or TV anglers, almost everyone swears by the beauty that the lakes hold. 

How Did Thailand Emerge To Be A Hotspot For Fishing?

Fish has always been an integral part of Thai culture. As a matter of fact, the people of the country consider them to be the fruit of the sea provided by the spirits of nature to nurture mankind. Today, Thailand is the world’s third-largest producer of seafood, generating total revenue of over 200 billion. However, this isn’t exactly what made the country the top spot for fishing rather- 25 years ago a number of exotic fishes were caught in a fishing park, with pictures of Alligator Gar, Mekong Catfish, Siamese Carp, and Arapaima being the real eye-opener. 

Since all the huge fishes were caught from the same lake, fishing near Bangkok became the top destination for legendary species. Just a single day spent on the finest lakes would land anglers as many trophy catches as what one would get in an entire month. This itself speaks volumes about the bounty and freshwater heavyweights of the nation. 

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