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60 Percent of People Can't Change a Flat Tire - But Most Can Google It

Over the past few decades, ever new car brands and models with advanced features have been introduced to make your drive on road more convenient, safe and comfortable. For a smooth and safe drive on road the proper functioning of every part of your vehicle is important. Proper tires can improvefuel economy, handling and your overall safety on road. There are remarkably large numbers of people across the globe who neglect the maintenance of their car’s tire and end up in costly expenses and inconvenience. With high quality, durable and affordable Dunlop tires (ยาง รถยนต์ Dunlop, which is the term in thai) you can make your each ride on road memorable and safe.

Choose the best

Road is unpredictable place where the drivers might have to encounter adverse conditions such as unfavorable weather, bad roads, heavy traffic, poor visibility, etc.Picking the right tire is crucial otherwise you might not get expected performance from the car. Some of the factors that need to be considered before buying tire are

  • Determine your tire size
  • Choose your tire type such as all-season, winter, summer, All-terrain , Touring tires
  • Handling and comfort
  • Original equipment tires vs. a new brand

Read reviews

In today’s digital era every customer can do proper online research about the features, price, dry braking, wet braking, ride noise, ride comfort, snow traction, etc. of the tires of popular brands. It is always advisable to check the condition of the tire before setting behind the wheel. Your slight ignorance can cause disaster on road.

Get best help

Some of the aspects that can be checked by anyone are pressure, the tread, the grip, cuts, deep scratchesand the outer-coating of the car tire. If you need professional help then choose the best service center that has adequate experience and expertise to deal with all types of tiresrelated services such as tire change, brake and shock absorber change service, tire patch, nitrogen filling, etc.

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