Do I Need a Lawyer After a Multi-Vehicle Accident?

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Automobile collisions are incredibly jarring experiences, and you’re likely to feel massive amounts of frustration and anger afterward. The feelings of frustration are often directed toward the negligent driver, who is somewhat easily identifiable in a crash involving only two vehicles. However, things start getting a lot more complicated once you add even more vehicles to the mix. Accidents involving three or more vehicles are quite challenging to navigate, so you will need legal help to address your case appropriately. There are a few key reasons why you should hire a car accident lawyer following a multi-vehicle accident. 

Why You Should Hire a Car Accident Lawyer After a Multi-Vehicle Collision

Even simple car crashes involving only one or two vehicles are challenging for victims to navigate. This is mainly due to the amount of resistance insurance providers put forth when they are expected to provide compensation for damages and injuries. Victims are continuously, relentlessly questioned on their recollection of the incident as the legal and financial counsel of the guilty party look for facts to exploit in avoidance of a payout. This could get even worse if you have experienced a collision with three or more vehicles.

Accidents that involve so many vehicles can often be attributed to the negligence of more than one driver. Since the negligent party is legally responsible for comepnsating a variety of costs incurred by the victim, such complex liability cases can be overwhelming for victims to navigate without legal help. An experienced car accident lawyer is a necessity in these circumstances. 

Multiple, simultaneous cases of negligence require detailed knowledge of state legislation and extensive experience in navigating the complexities of litigation. You must seek a lawyer who has demonstrated their proficiency in negotiating fair settlements (especially when up against uncooperative insurance providers) as well as handling multi-vehicle car crashes. 

Secondly, up to this point, you may have felt that your insurance company has had your best interest in mind. While this is partially true, it is not representative of their entire agenda. Insurers are known to be quick to take advantage of naïve policyholders who do not know their rights after such complex collisions. They may rush you to an unfair settlement, or attempt to hold you partially responsible for the crash, even when you’ve done nothing wrong. 

For this reason, you need an experienced lawyer to hold the appropriate parties responsible and to protect you from dishonesty and manipulation from your insurance provider as well.

Hire a Lawyer to Resolve Your Multi-Vehicle Car Crash

Hiring a highly experienced car accident lawyer is your best chance at receiving the compensation you need for property damage repairs, medical expenses, and more. Navigating the legal and financial aftermath of a multi-vehicle pile-up is indescribably overwhelming, so don’t force yourself to address this case alone. To ensure you receive all the help you need and to represent your case as accurately as possible, get in touch with a lawyer today. 


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