Car Appraisal Services: A Thorough Inspection Of The Engine And Transmission

Car appraisal services are becoming more and more an indispensable aspect of purchasing, selling, and owning a car in general. If you own a car and haven’t had it appraised yet, then its high time you did.

Professionally rendered car appraisal services basically mean a thorough inspection of a car in an effort to determine the overall condition of the car. Such inspection should expose any fault that the car might have, and that was hidden from the untrained sight of the ordinary man.

A car appraisal covers all areas such as the exteriors, interiors, tires, engines, steering, and so on. This article, however, focuses on how to carry out an efficient inspection of a car’s engine and transmission.

The Engine and Transmission

  • First of all, you must first ensure that the hood of the engine is in good shape. It must open and close properly, and must also help properly in place by whichever prop it uses.
  • Perform a visual inspection of the engine. The engine should be clean as this is a tell-tale sign that the owner has been carrying out regular maintenance on it. 
  • Next, you check the engine oil level. It should be full and clear in color. If it is dark brown or black, then it is dirty, and it shouldn’t be. 
  • Check the transmission oil. This should also be full and be either pink or orange in color. Black color is usually an indication that the car has not been properly maintained or that the transmission is faulty or possibly damaged.
  • Check the brake fluid level and color. Must also be full and clear. Anything contrary to this might reduce the performance of your brakes.
  • Now, open the radiator and check the fluid level in there.

Note: do not touch the radiator if the engine is still hot or even warm. You might sustain injury from the radiator pressure. In fact, to avoid incurring any harm at all, get professional car appraisal services.

  • Check and make sure that all the engine belts are in excellent conditions (i.e., not worn out from oldness or cracked). Anything contrary to excellence could mean that the previous owner didn’t take enough care of the cars’ engine, and this would mean future expenses on your part later in the future.
  • The timing belt must be in perfect condition as well. This is especially important as they can be expensive to replace. It is usually hard to assess a timing belt without taking the engine apart. It is thus important that you employ a professional to render you his car appraisal services.

After you have carefully checked out all the areas mentioned in the list above and you are satisfied, you can then move to the next phase.

  • The inspection you just carried out was with the engine turned off. Now turn the engine on and listen for any noise that shouldn’t be there. The presence of a grinding noise, clanking or pinging can be signs of trouble, and you should have it checked out by a professional immediately.

The engine is deemed the heart of any car and as such, car appraisal services aren’t considered completely rendered until it has been properly inspected.

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