Best Places To Experience Highest Skydive In The World

For many people, the idea of skydiving is crazy. Why would anyone want to do that? What if something happens? 

Well, contrary to belief, skydiving is not as dangerous as many of us may think. It is quite safe, despite jumping from such elevated heights.

In this article, I outline 5 of The Highest Skydive places in the world that you may want to consider for your skydiving experience. 

Let loose and let the wind soar across your body as you skydive.

Best Places To Experience Highest Skydive In The World

Want to learn The Highest Skydive regions in the world? Check out the list below to find out. 

1 – Waialua, U.S.A. with Skydive Hawaii

Hawaii is of itself a beautiful place to visit. And this is exceptionally true when you consider skydiving on this paradise of an island. 

Tandem skydiving is an excellent experience for those who may not want to jump out of an airplane by themselves. 

Not only do you experience the beauty fo Hawaii but you gain a new fun memory as well. 

2 – Mount Everest, Nepal with Everest Skydive

Mount Everest, is almost synonymous with trekking. However, it can also be viewed as one of The Highest Skydive regions in the world. 

Much like Hawaii, Mount Everest offers visitors a spectacular view of the world and the region they are in. 

If you want a memory that you can look at and smile on, then this may very well be the place that you consider to try your skydiving experience. 

3 – Palm Jumeirah, United Arab Emirates with Skydive Dubai


Truly a destination vacation for the rich and successful. Am I right? 

Dubai is synonymous with luxury, and this is easily one of the most desired places for those who would like to experience luxury with excitement. 

Because Dubai is such a sought air vacation destination, it is essential to make a reservation with this particular country. 

Hey, as we said, this country is very luxurious. Consider it by all measures of standards a VIP expense that very few can experience.

4 – Livingstone, Zambia with Victoria Falls Adventures


home to a beautiful and vibrant atmosphere. 

Here you are given the option of skydiving at different altitude heights, which is a massive plus in our books. 

Why start out big when you can work your way up? 

They have heights that star at 6,000 ft that scale up to 10,000 ft. 

5 – Key West, U.S.A. with Skydive Key West

Lastly, bring us back home to America. 

Flordia is already a fantastic place to go on vacation. The season, the scenery, the atmosphere. What more can one ask for? 

Oh, skydiving, you say.

Well, that is what you can find here, as well. 

You can rest your mind at ease, knowing that the skydiving experience here will be an experience to remember as well as being a very safe place.

Want To Go Skydiving? 

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Skydiving is a life-changing experience that is out of this world; if you are looking for something new, exciting, and different, then we highly recommend giving skydiving a try. 

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