Benefits Of Replacement Windows With Double-Pane Glass

Some homeowners who live in older historic homes assume that draftiness comes with the territory. However, there’s no reason it has to be that way. If you haven’t updated your windows in the past twenty years, chances are your home is suffering from air leaks, damp patches, and other unpleasant, totally preventable issues. If you’re looking for a window replacement from Mr. Rogers Windows, here are some things you should know before you buy.

Prevent Leaks 

One of the most important things your new double-pane windows can do is to protect your home from intrusive gaps and air leaks. While a draft might not seem like anything more than unpleasant at first, make no mistake. It won’t take long for that harmless draft to result in serious damage to your home. Dealing with drafts can quickly shift from being a nuisance to being downright dangerous. During the winter months, it’s especially important to keep your home sealed against the cold. Letting in a constant stream of cold air will completely cancel out your heating system, leaving you spending a fortune on heating that you can’t even feel. Instead of weatherstripping your windows and hoping for the best, upgrade your windows before the cold weather sets in for a safer, warmer home.

Keep It Dry 

Moisture is your home’s worst enemy. Even if you think that a bit of frost or condensation can’t do any harm, remember that your home’s infrastructure can be seriously compromised by dampness. Even if you’re just dealing with a small leak, you’re probably exposing your home to unnecessary moisture that could end up turning into mold, mildew, or rot in certain cases. Keeping your home protected against wet spots is essential if you don’t want to pay for a roof replacement any time soon. Rather than cross your fingers and hope for the best, think about switching to double pane to save the expense.

Be More Comfortable  

What homeowner wants to come home to a drafty, poorly temperature-controlled home? There’s nothing worse than not being able to get warm in the winter or failing to bring down the sweltering inside temperature in the summer. You might think the answer lies in cranking up the AC. In fact, investing in some new double-pane windows could end up saving you tons of money in energy bills in the long run.

Avoid Costly Home Repairs 

No one wants to shell out for new insulation if they don’t have to. When you leave ineffective windows in your home for too long, chances are it’s going to cost you later on. Most single-pane windows aren’t made to last for more than twenty years, and if you’re in an older home, it’s even more important that you protect your investment by making sure your windows are actually doing their job. Instead of facing a huge heating and cooling bill each month, think about putting that money toward some new double-pane windows that will help your home stay safer, warmer, and more comfortable through the year.

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