Bags Under The Eyes: How To Get Rid Of Them Permanently

Many people are affected by the presence of bags under their eyes. And since it’s not very graceful (let’s face it), many also want to remove them. Going searching for the most recommended technique on the Net, we quickly find ourselves drowned in tips of all kinds. Drinking water, putting on ice, using the right care, or even sleeping in the right position. But what is it? Can that nasty puffiness disappears with two ice cubes and more water consumption? Unfortunately, no. Even if these methods limit the damage to permanently and effectively overcome bags under the eyes, the most appropriate technique remains surgery.

What Are Bags Under The Eyes?

Not to be confused with dark circles, bags under the eyes are caused by a fat displacement that protects the eye and is usually found in the socket. This displacement, most often caused by a natural process of aging of the gaze, can also be due to a congenital or hereditary ground. The fat that has moved forms a visible pocket under the eye and does not move anymore.

Factors That Aggravate Bags Under The Eyes

You should know that fat is hydrophilic (it attracts water), which can cause the volume of pockets to vary depending on water retention during the day. Several other external variations play a role in the appearance of puffiness: the hormonal cycle, too salty food, alcoholic beverages, or even a wrong position during sleep (sleeping horizontally promotes the formation of edema). Suppose it is essential to limit the aggravating factors as much as possible to reduce the volume of pockets. In that case, it is impossible to see them disappear without resorting to surgical removal.

The Right Technique To Remove Bags Under The Eyes: Laser Ablation

“Using a laser scalpel, passing through the inside of the lower eyelid (transconjunctival route), I remove the pockets of fat without scarring and without any bleeding. Without bags under the eyes, the look then regains all its radiance. This technique (a bit scary on paper) takes less than an hour and promises to make eye bags disappear forever.

The Benefits Of Laser Ablation

– Absence of cutaneous scar

– Absence of sutures and removal of threads

– Absence of edema and postoperative hematoma

– Absence of any risk of round eyes and changes in gaze

– Impeccable and definitive result


The price. If you want to afford the removal of pockets, it takes a lot.

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