Awe-Struck Places in East Europe That Are Truly Inviting For Wanderer!

East Europe is one such region that offers new reasons to invite you no matter how many times you have been there already. With various countries that can fit any of your budget types. Eastern Europe is a package of delicious cuisines, traditions and beautiful landscapes.

Know more about the places you ought to visit here during your trip:

Visit mini-Venice in Slovenia

With a rocky bay paired with stones and turquoise waters, we’ll have to forgive you for confusing this small pretty town of Piran in Slovenia as a mini version of Venice. Piran is perfect for enjoying a relaxing vacation where you can sit back and sip over a glass of Slovenian wine with the sunset view. The St George church offers a beautiful view of the entire city with its cobbled streets, tiny colorful houses and ancient architecture.

The budget-friendly city in Romania

The city of Bucharest is quite big and blooms with something new and fun to do every single time you visit here. Yes the city is great for travelers on a budget and it is also connected by low-fare airlines, but the city is also a must visit even if budget is not your concern. Bucharest offers a good base for knowing East European culture and history. The young locals mostly speak English which you make your travel much easier. Spend some time in a local café and dine in one of the authentic Bucharest restaurants. In order to give you a stress free holiday experience; the friendly operators of East Europe Tour packages do all the prior arrangements with systematic itineraries.

The much-affectionate city of Budapest in Hungary

Talked and popular known all around the world, Budapest is affectionate for all the right reasons. Take a rejuvenating break in the city full of beautiful buildings, charming people, great food and rich art and history. The Danube which runs through the center of Budapest divides it into two districts, namely Buda and Pest. You can walk around the city to explore it or make use of the metro, the oldest electrified underground railway system in Europe. Best of memories can be formed in Hungary tour.

Dive into the beautiful history of Zagreb in Croatia

Everything about this city would make you fall in love with it helplessly. Zagreb showcases a striking blend of cultural history being carried forward for centuries, cosmopolitan cultures and a relaxed vibe among the locals. Here you get to taste the old and new versions of the European cultures. Unlike the expectations, the Neo-Gothic Cathedral that reaches up to the skyline surprises its visitors with the modernist carvings on the inside. When you sign up for Croatia Holiday Packages, the reputed tour operators do see to it that you don’t miss out on any crucial elements.

 Do visit the Lotrscak Tower where daily firing of the cannon takes place at 12 pm sharp. Don’t worry; it is just stuffed paper inside the cannon. This tradition is being carried on since 1877 but till date no one knows who came up with it. It might be just paper that they are firing but be aware, it is very loud!

With various other cities such as Kiev in Ukraine, Brasov and Sibiu in Romania, Medulin in Croatia and St Petersburg in Russia, Eastern Europe is a never ending land for vacationing in style.

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