Anxiety is natural, but an anxiety disorder is not:

Every human face anxiety from time to time. It is like the emotion that every human has towards any situation like facing some difficulty in job, exam, fight with parents and other stuff. But when these emotions cross the barrier, then it becomes an anxiety disorder. Most of the anxiety does not need any medical or therapy assistant, but anxiety disorder does. So, in general anxiety is a feeling, but when it causes too much trouble, then it is known as an anxiety disorder.

In this modern era, most of the people are having anxiety disorder, whether it is work, college, or home. There is a lot of surveys took place that says that nearly about 6 million people are suffering from mental health issues, and out of 6 million 3 million are suffering from an anxiety disorder. And that’s the huge number which can not be neglected. So, it is highly recommended that if someone is suffering from anxiety disorder then attend your local anxiety counseling session, which will be very beneficial.

Take care of life and family

If someone is suffering from an anxiety disorder, then not only that person is suffering, but because of one person, the whole family is suffering. Because no one knows at which point that person is going to blast on. And in anxiety disorder, no one can predict that the person is suffering from anxiety disorder what that person will do to others.

 Yes, anxiety is just a feeling, but when it is exaggerated, it becomes a disorder. But this disorder can be cured by attending therapy sessions, maintaining a proper diet, and another thing. Still, anxiety disorder needs proper care and attention; otherwise, someday it will even take life too. That is why therapy session becomes necessary to control anxiety disorder. 

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