Air Rifles – The Fun Side

Air guns have always been a great way to have fun in a safe setting. Whether it is about taking air rifles out to a field for some target practice, or shooting some cans in a garage with a pistol, there is still very much a place in 2020 for the everyday airgun.


Target Practice and Shooting

Many people actually prefer to use their weapons, whether it be Steyr air rifles or something more basic, for old fashioned target practice and nothing else. Lining up a few bullseyes at the end of a field or range and getting those pellets zoned in is a great way to build up co-ordination, as well as socialise and get the feel of firing a gun in a safe and controlled environment. It is also possible to go air rifle clay pigeon shooting, adding some fun by throwing in moving targets.

Where to Find Air Rifles for Sale


Daystate Air Rifles, Walther Air Rifles and all manner of air guns are freely available to purchase new and used, as they are not subject to the same regulations as traditional firearms. This means that anyone who fancies picking up an air rifle and giving it a go can do so with very little financial outlay; second-hand guns are often available for as little as the low double digits! Online marketplaces and classifieds still remain the best way to connect private buyers and sellers, with the bonus here being that you can often pick up kit to go with the rifle or pistol for very little extra.

Perhaps less well known is the fact that many traditional firearms shops don’t just stop at shot guns and fishing tackle; they often will and do sell air arms as well, both new and used. For someone looking to get more all-inclusive feel to their first purchase, this is often the best way to get started; a brand-new air rifle with a warranty, starter kit and no doubt a few bullseyes thrown in will serve you well for a few years at least.

Whether buying privately or commercially, it’s important to remember that it is no longer possible to buy these guns through the post; they can indeed be ordered online but must be picked up from a registered dealer.


Safety Considerations

Having some fun with air arms is all well and good and, for the most part, completely safe. However, just remember that these are weapons (and indeed are still used to kill vermin and pests) and so need to be treated with care, attention and maturity at all times. Police can and will confiscate them if they feel they are not being used sensibly. Other than that, get out there and enjoy some shooting practice!


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