7 Reasons You Need to Learn Python Now!

If you have anywhere been near to the amazing world of coding, the term ‘Python’ will definitely ring a bell. It is one of the most in-demand coding language that is powering various online applications, Machine learning, design, Data analytics, etc. While the overall job trend in the IT-sector witness a drop of 5 percent, the demand for the skilled Python coders went up by 8.7 percent (Source: Gartner)! It is not just the current hot job prospects that make Python a language of interest. We have some more good reasons that will compel you too join an Industry leading course like the one by PST Analytics and learn Python for good!

Let us see 7 reasons as to why you need to learn Python now!  

Hot Job Prospects!

This is an obvious point and a no-brainer! As mentioned before, the demand for Python developers, both fresher & experienced, has been steadily rising. And, this trend is likely to hold for the next 10 good years at least. Currently, of all the Job postings across multiple job portals, 17% of them are for Python. It is also a prediction by StackOverflow that in 2019 Python will overtake all the programming languages. Currently, the average salary of a Python developer in India stands in the range of INR 500K to INR 1000K per annum.

It is Powering AI & ML

And Python is not just powering the domain of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning; it is expected to dominate this field in the upcoming years. Because of the relative ease of coding, light-weight coding, versatility and scalability, Python is becoming a popular choice for AI/ML Research & Development. While earlier the scientists and researchers relied on MATLAB, Python came up as an easy, more powerful and an all-round solution for the complex coding problems. If you wish to make big in the field of Artificial Intelligence, then Python comes as a must have skill.

Python is a Go-to Choice for Web Development

Python sports many features that other coding languages simply cannot match up with. Python’s simple and stable code makes it a preferred choice for developing simple and complex web applications. Just to give you a perspective, Pinterest and Instagram are the products of this awesome language. Python comes with many frameworks that developers use across the world for deploying state-of-art websites. Most popular Python frameworks are Pylon, Django and TurboGears. Get started with this language now if web development is right up your alley!

Python is Simple & Easy to Learn

It wouldn’t be remotely wrong to compare Python with the English language when it comes to learning for the beginners. Firstly, Python is free to use and is open-source. It is supported by an army of individuals across the globe in addition to being a high-level programming language. Moreover, as a coder, you probably won’t face the complex syntax as is the case with other languages. If you plan to learn it from the beginning, expect a relatively simple learning curve.

Role in Big Data

While discussing Python, one cannot simply miss out the exceptional role it plays in Big Data and Data analytics applications. Python actually takes away most of the hassles Data operations usually bring with them. Its ability to support Parallel Computing makes it compatible with Hadoop. Hence, if you wish to process data from the HDFS Cluster, you can use the Pydoop library from Python, and write a MapReduce program. Also, libraries like Dask and Pyspark aid engineers and Data science professionals for processing Big Data.

Its Sheer Versatility

Underestimate not this fantastic tool for it is as versatile as a Swiss Knife, and performs each programming duty with utmost efficiency. Consider these pointers;

  • Python is a one-stop solution for Developers and is bound to grow manifolds in the coming years.
  • It is employed with equal suitability for AI, ML, Big Data, Web Development, etc.
  • Python is the first choice of people for DIY Projects, Startups, Medium Sized Companies and Giant corporates alike.
  • Its code is simple to compile, analyze and scale. It is lightweight and highly scalable.

Capability to Automate Tasks

Python is the most preferred language for automating simple or complex computing operations. On Python, you can run scripts. Scripts are nothing but a collection of codes that checks itself for Runtime Error. Since a script can be run multiple times while the code checks itself for errors, the intended function can be carried on repetitively. Organizations rely heavily on Python’s automation capabilities for firewall defense, marketing applications, etc.

Python is a ‘complete package’ for IT, Web and Advanced computing solutions. No wonder companies like Google, Yahoo, NASA, IBM and Disney rely heavily on this language. If you are thinking of making a career transition, upgrading your current profile or simply making a fresh start in the dazzling world of coding, then Python is the language for you!

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