7 Peppy Mehndi Design Perfect For Flaunting At Reception

So finally you have got hitched and tied the knot with your soulmate. Congratulations to you both! Now you must be planning for the reception. For the reception you must have found the perfect outfit, the right jewllery, the ideal shoes but what about your hands. Post the wedding where you wear the heavy bridal wear and makeup the reception is a breather it enables you to wear a free flowing outfit along with a lighter makeup. While at your reception when your outfit and trousseau is different then why flaunt the same traditional heavy mehndi during the occasion.

While brides during reception opt for western wear or lehenga paired with minimalist makeup then why leave the hands with uncared for. Instead of the intricate and elaborate full hand mehndi design why not sport elite and minimalist mehndi design at the reception. While booking the best mehndi artist in Chandigarh, Delhi or where you’re planning to get hitched ask them about whether they are versed with the reception mehndi designs or not. The wedding industry has several reception mehndi designs available and if you’re confused about your selection then worry not as we have got your back. Here we present for you a list of some peppy mehndi designs that you can consider flaunting on your reception.

  1. Flower Button Mehndi

Flowers are beautiful and their timeless charm never fades away. Flowers are considered as a girl’s second love, diamonds no doubt are her first as they are forever. If you love the flowers than you can give the floral button mehndi a try. The precise and compact appearance the floral button mehndi design gives an elegant and smart appearance. The flower buttons running between diagonal patterns on the fingers accentuate the beauty of the hands. The floral button mehndi design is applied on the back of the hands.

  1. Themed Mehndi

2019 is all about themed weddings. The wedding industry has embraced the concept of themes and made it a part of the wedding celebrations. The themed mehndi design enables he bride to get character of her choice inscribed on her mehndi. Be it a love story design or one of with GOT caricatures the themed mehndi lets you experiment with the design idea.  From sports characters to fictional ones or simply some quirky designs use your innovation to give add a personal touch to your mehndi. Make your themed mehndi design to stand apart from the league by picking up a theme and pairing with choicest of personal elements.

  1. Religious mehndi

Are you more of a religious person? Then consider giving the religious mehndi a try? Although the religious mehndi design is not a full hand one yet it looks appealing to the eyes.The religious mehndi is embellished with simple portraits of deities of choice surrounded by surrounded dainty bootis and uniform identical bands on the forearms and intricate lines and dot patterns on the fingers. The caricature of the deities engraved in the mehndi design is what makes it unique.

  1. Swirl mehndi

The twirling pattern of the swirl mehndi has made it a popular amongst the brides seeking minimalism along with style in their mehndi design. The swirling mehndi design can be paired with floral button design drawn in the middle of the palm. The area adjacent to the floral button is left blank in order to create an appearance of a minimalist design.

  1. Intricate Cuff Mehndi Design

Are you going to wear a gown or a western outfit for your reception? Then you should consider giving the intricate cuff mehndi design a try. The intricate cuff design mehndi replicates the look of an hand ornament. The modern and sophisticated design of the cuff mehndi focuses on the wrist rather than the palms. The intricate cuff design inked with small mandalas on it is what makes it look interesting.

  1. Mandala Mehndi Design

Indian mehndi design is deemed to be incomplete without the mandala patterns. The intricate and elaborate patterns of the mandala mehndi inked along with elephant and a floral motif makes the design unique. Although mandala mehndi design is known for its elaborate works but for your reception you can consider to opt for single mandala design. The single mandala design comprises of a large circle as the base paired with floral petals drawan around it. The quirky mandala design is complimented by multidimensional patterns. The traditional yet modernized touch achieved from the Mandala mehndi design is sets it apart from the league.

  1. Lacy Mehndi Design

Are you opting for wearing a lacy flowy outfit for your wedding? Then you should pair your outfit with lacy mehndi design. The simple yet graceful design is made on the back of the hands and can be complimented with flowers, leaf motifs along with mandala pattern. A popular variety of the design is the lacy floral mehndi which is adorned with floral imprints.

 So brides these are a few mehndi designs that you can consider giving a try on your reception. Which ones are you bookmarking? Tell us about your choice in the comments below.

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