5 Things You Should Know Before Contacting a Bail Bondsman

Being accused of a crime can be tough, especially if you find yourself or a loved one behind bars and in need of a bond. A bail guarantor may be your first thought to secure freedom, but before doing that, here are some things you need to know.

Bail Amounts Can Be Reduced

The amount of bail is discretionary. The law often imposes a minimum, but at the end of the day, the range is really up to the judge. This is because bail can be affected by several factors such as the offense, the frequency of the offense, and the flight risk of the accused.

This is why it’s often a good idea to negotiate the bond through a good lawyer before going to bail bondsman here in Park City. This way, you’ll be able to have the amount lowered if there’s no validity to the accusation.

Bails Come with a Condition

Bails are put in place to make sure the accused shows up for trial. So what happens if you post a bond and the person doesn’t show up? Well, this means that the bail is forfeited and there’s a need to make the payment to the bail bondsman.

This is the very reason why courts impose a higher bail if there’s a chance that the accused will flee or leave the country.

Full Details On the Accused

It’s also a good idea to have complete information on the status of the accused before contacting the bondsman. Spherically, the crime alleged, the jail where he is detained, full name, and booking number of the person detained.

Typically, the bondsman will be the one calling the jail to find out how much has been set for his temporary release.

There’s a Bail Hearing

Even the determination of bail cost can include a hearing. If you’re invested in the amount of the bail, this is definitely something you want to be part of. A bail hearing determines the personal circumstances of the person accused.

Specifically, if he’s been arrested before, if he’s a flight risk, or how he is perceived in the community. For example, those who have been arrested or convicted previously can get a higher bail because they’re a danger to society.

On the other hand, people who are first offenders for light felonies don’t have high bails. In fact, some of them may even be released on recognizance or a written oath on their part.

Bail Bondsmen Work on Collaterals

Collaterals accepted include vehicles, stocks, bonds, pieces of jewelry, real estate, and more. Approval of a bond comes with conditions – such as reappearing during the trial. If the accused fails to do this, he’s essentially forfeiting his bail – which means that the bondsmen can get hold of the collateral.

On the flip side, you get the collateral back if there’s full compliance. The premium, however, stays with the bondsmen as payment for their services.

Of course, those are just a few of the things you need to know when contemplating bail and when is the right time to file. Keep in mind that there are instances when bail isn’t allowed so resorting to the bail bondsman still won’t work.

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