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5 Questions To Ask Before Hiring a Biohazard Cleaning Company Atlanta Georgia 

What would you do if there was the need to clean up after a loved one passed away and was not found for some time? How about dealing with the home of a loved one who has a hoarding disorder? These are some examples of when you need help from a reputable biohazard cleaning company Atlanta Georgia. Before hiring a company, make sure to ask these questions first. The answers will tell you if the company is a good fit for your needs.

How Long Have You Been in Business?

While longevity in the business is not the only factor to consider, there’s a certain amount of satisfaction in knowing the company has been around for some time. That indicates that they do a good job for their clients. Remember that along with years of experience, you want to explore the issue of expertise. A company can be relatively new but have leadership and technicians who have worked with biohazards for a number of years. 

What Sort of Registrations and Certifications Does the Company Possess?

Only deal with a company that is properly registered with the local municipality and has the certifications to confirm that all personnel is properly trained. The goal is to ensure that the business is operating within the limits of current laws and remains fully compliant with them. A reputable company has no problem providing information about certifications or registrations. If there’s any hesitancy, take that as a sign to look elsewhere. 

What Sorts of Biohazards Do You Handle?

There are a number of different biohazard situations that may occur. It helps to know what sort of projects the company has taken on in the past. This would include projects for law enforcement, local municipalities, and even individuals. 

You’ll find that the right company has experience with cleaning up after some sort of violent death occurs at a site. The same is true if a death takes place and is not discovered for several days or weeks. Cleaning dwellings that hoarders have lived in for years is another project that should be on the list. Even something like cleaning up after an unauthorized encampment of homeless people is removed from the property is something that requires a certain level of experience. 

What Types of Insurance Protection Do You Maintain?

Always ask about the insurance protection the company has in place. Along with basic business liability coverage, you want to know that there is coverage that protects employees during the cleanup. Since vehicles will be used as part of the process, adequate commercial insurance to cover accidents or other events should also be included. 

Do Your Employees Take Discretion Seriously?

Cleaning up a biohazard site often means discovering things about people that they would not like to be broadcast far and wide. It’s important to hire a biohazard cleaning company Atlanta Georgia that schools employees on the importance of discretion. Whatever is seen at a job site is not to be discussed outside the team who handles the cleaning. At all times, the privacy of the client must be honored. 

There are other questions you will need to ask before hiring a biohazard company. Start with these and listen closely to the answers. If you like what you hear, move on to any other question that’s on your mind. Once you are satisfied that the company is a good fit, arrange for a visit to the hazard site, obtain a quote, and authorize the team to proceed. 

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