5 Common Misconceptions About Pet Adoption

When getting a new dog, many families are concerned about whether or not they should adopt a dog from a local shelter. The biggest question they ask is, ‘are they trainable?’ While not every dog responds well to residential dog training, most dogs, and that includes shelter dogs, are easily trained by a residential dog training Liverpool expert.

What are some of the other concerns that families have about pet adoption. Well, it comes down to the following 5 common misconceptions that we are going to take a look at now. Let’s get started:

5 Common Misconceptions About Pet Adoption

Myth #1: I Don’t Know What I’m Getting- there is actually quite a bit more information available about dogs at local adoption shelters than what is offered by pet shops or breeder.

Myth #2: I Can’t Find What I Want At A Shelter- most local pet adoption shelters have a wide range of dog breeds, sizes and colours available and their selection changes often. If you don’t find what you are looking for, be patient and keep trying.

Myth #3: Why Pay An Adoption Fee?- many people believe that they will get a better deal at a dog breeder or pet shop and they wonder why they should pay a fee to adopt or rescue a dog. When purchasing a dog from a breeder, you still have to pay for vaccinations, spaying or neutering, a Heartworm test, Flea/tick treatment and a microchip. These fees are typically included in the adoption fee for a much lower price.

Myth #4: Pets Are In Shelters Because They Didn’t Make Good Pets- this isn’t always the case. In fact, the main reasons pets are given up include:

  • Owners are moving to housing that don’t allow pets.
  • Allergies.
  • Owner having personal problems.
  • Too many or no room for litter mate.
  • Owner can no longer afford the pet.
  • Owner no longer has time for the pet.

Myth #5: Shelter Pets Have Too Many Problems- again, this isn’t always the case and many of the behavioural issues that a shelter dog might have, can usually be cured through residential dog training.

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