4 Relationship Red Flags to Look Out For

Are you planning to jump in the dating pool or you have recently started dating someone? In either case, you need to ensure that you watch out for some relationship flags to prevent another failed relationship.

Sure, it can be hard to ignore some of the red flags especially if it is the beginning of your relationship. The starting phase is kind of the ‘honeymoon phase’ and you cannot help but kiss and cuddle with your partner all day. The sex is also exciting and extremely special.

However, to ensure that you have long-term successful relationship, you need to focus on things beside the sex and bang bang. You can get in touch with Birmingham escorts for that.

Check out for these 4 Relationship Flags to avoid another bad experience.

1.    There Is Still Confusion about the Relationship Status

Even after months of dating, if your partner is not willing to put a label on the relationship then it clearly indicates a lack of interest even worse; they may be romantically interested with someone else.

2.    Your Partner Does Not Make Up Meeting or Date Plans

Meeting up and initiating dates shows how serious the other person is for spending time with you. If they never initiate plans then it means they really do not bother about the relationship.

3.    Either of You Is Not Comfortable Sharing Secrets

Relationships are built upon love and trust. If you both are comfortable sharing secrets with each other then that signals a healthy and trust-filled relationship.

Of course, being in a relationship does not mean that you share EVERYTHING with one another and you are allowed to keep some things to yourself. But if you or your partner are not sharing the major things about life then it clearly means both of you are not comfortable with each other.

4.    You Don’t Feature in Their Social Media Accounts

This point is not that important if your partner is not active on social media. You can only worry about not being featured in their social media accounts IF they have featured their exes on social media before.

In such a case, it may feel as if you are not that important to your partner or maybe they are not that serious about you or perhaps they do not intend on pursuing a long-term relationship with you.

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