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4 Good features of an Air Hose Fittings

Air hose fittings are pivotal to keep your air hose sealed and reliable. You don’t want any air leakage due to improper fitting of the pipe. Fittings are always used at joints. Hex nipples and valves are examples of fittings. There is a large number of manufacturers in the hosing market. The Hosemaster is one such excellent producer of air hoses and hosing accessories. Over the years, they have built a large collection of products that meet any of your needs. 


What makes a fitting Good?

Fittings come with different product specifications. The quality of the fitting depends on the material, manufacturing standard, and protective coating. Let’s see how to find the best-featured fitting for your air hose system.

A Coupler that Suits your Hose Diameter

The air hoses usually come with end fitting which you can connect to the air compressor or air tool. Otherwise, choosing the right diameter for the air hose is crucial. Wrap a piece of thread around the hose to find its perimeter. Divide the perimeter or circumference by Pi (3.14), and you will get the hose diameter.

The Quick Release Couplings

Quick-release couplings lack shut-off valves but can turn on & off the air supply. When disconnected via an internal O-ring, the quick release couplings are sealed. Using quick release couplings allows better movement and hence reduce kink formation & twisting of the hose as well.

British Standard Pipe, aka BSP

BSP is the family of standard screw threads for interconnecting and sealing pipes for female and male threads used internationally. The inside of hose fitting is considered to measure the thread size for BSP standards. BSPM refers to a male coupler whereas BSPF refers to a female coupler.

Hose Tails

Hose tails are used to connect coupling with a hose or to connect 2 hoses. You have to choose the right tail diameter to properly fit the hosing or coupling. The diameter of the tail should match the inner diameter of the hosing. Only then, will your hosing system be sealed and reliable.

The fittings are capable of controlling the pressure inside the piping system. Without proper fitting, you can lose pressure inside the hosing system. Feel free to contact the Hose master if you get stuck at any point.

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