3 Types of Damage That a Professional Pre-Purchase Car Inspection Maine Can Reveal

When buying a used car, there is a potential risk of ending up with a vehicle that has long seen its good ole days. For this reason, wise buyers rely on the report they get from a pre-purchase car inspection Maine that has been carried out by a professional to make a final decision, and you should too.

A thorough pre-purchase car inspection Maine will likely reveal all the problems that a car has. This knowledge can either make you walk away from the deal or put you in better stead to make a great bargain. Whatever the case, you are rest assured that you are making a better decision than you would probably have made without the professional inspector at your side.

Amongst the different type of damages that a pre-purchase car inspection Maine will spot, here are three distinct ones.

Flood or Fire Damage

A car seller knows that a car’s desirability and value are greatly reduced if it has been in a fire or a flood accident. To this end, some unscrupulous car seller will likely falsify the title of the car in the document so that you – the buyer – cannot get access to such records even if you check the car’s history report.

To avoid this pitfall, it is advised that you employ a professional’s services in carrying out the pre-purchase car inspection Maine. They are trained to notice telltale signs of any prior accident that the car might have been in.

Damages from Poor Maintenance and Repairs

Professional car inspectors see more than just headlights or rear lights. Where you see a fully functioning brake and reverse lights, they might notice a misaligned chrome. This means at least two things; the car has undergone some repairs, and the person who carried out the repair service wasn’t a professional. It could make you question the overall condition of the car itself.

Subtle Mechanical Damage

You shouldn’t be quick to conclude that a car is working perfectly just because it comes to life when you turn the ignition key. There is more to a car than really meets the eye. A short test-drive up and down a hill might reveal to you that there is a problem with the brakes or the wheel alignment. 

Other issues such as fluid leaks and the likes are something that might not manifest itself immediately or even after a 30 minutes’ drive, but it surely will. In your ignorance, you might be quick to conclude that the car is alright. A professional however knows better than just taking a quick glance under the hood.

With the hundreds of professional car inspectors that are out there nowadays, it should be considered a crime to still fall prey to a scrupulous car seller due to ignorance. Forget about the expenses you would incur in getting the professional’s service. It would pay off to incur a little service fee now rather than spending a small fortune in carrying out repairs in the automobile later in the future. Carry out a pre-purchase car inspection today and save yourself from future troubles.

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