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Ever reaching beyond the sonic corporeal, Brooklyn’s Laurel Halo is an auteur whose productions distribute fully across all dimensions, generating waves of viscous, tranced atmosphere and seismic bass that extend to infinity. Her cinematic songs and soundscapes feature constant suspension, melancholic intrigue, 3D chessboard beat sequences, razor sharp arcs over unfolding harmonics, IDM tears of release, cathartic melody, spherical, liquid arpeggio — all while maintaining one eye and love on the singular, the hyperreal sublime. As songs evolve through their unique iterations, pitch perfect and clear as the virtual seas, they draw from the joy and freedom of Italo, the pulse of Kraut, and the ether of cosmic ambient. Her music floats with strains of Todd Rundgren in arrangement and vocal attack; this prog bittersweetness is equally tempered by her love of techno’s endless verticalities and proclivity towards futurevision and fantasy groove (X-102, Drexciya).