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A joint release by L.A.’s Hippos In Tanks and Montreal’s Arbutus Records, the Darkbloom EP is the title of a thrilling new split by d’Eon and Grimes. Both rising stars in Montreal’s independent music scene, they produced their respective sides independently, though the project was conceptualized together.

Following the Middle-Eastern-tinged R&B of 2010’s Palinopsia, d’Eon’s continuous, circular suite addresses reliance on technology through lyrical content and sonic allusion (for example, “Telepathy” samples cell phone interference). d’Eon broadens his stylistic breadth through reference to a number of electronic genres. He simultaneously incorporates elements of (for example) Chicago footwork and new jack swing, but surprises the listener with strange forays into bygone genres such as UK drum and bass and trip hop.

Harnessing the dark energy of her sophomore album Halfaxa with the shimmering dream pop of Geidi Primes, Grimes’s side represents a synthesis of these two sonic personalities. Displaying a level of clarity and craftsmanship heretofore unseen in her releases, Boucher presents a stunning new collection of ethereal dreamscapes that expand her creative palette without compromising the spectral presence she is known for.