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Games is the work of one Daniel Lopatin aka Oneohtrix Point Never, and his buddy Joel Ford of Tiger City. Together, they’ve got a series of fairly mindblowing mixtapes floating around the net which are seriously recommended listening for long saturday mornings and hazy summer evenings, trust us! The vibes evoked in these two long awaited debut tracks is something like a lo-fi chopped & screwed take on boogie blissed MOR; think 10cc’s ‘I’m Not In Love’ warped with an up-for-three days haziness and almost haphazard – but still on groove – edits, and you’re in the right headspace. The salty sense of nostalgia smeared into their loops comes with a distorted honesty that’s all too easy to fall for and has already grabbed the avid attention of Pitchfork and Fact writers, among others. The other track, ‘Heartlands’ meanwhile jams on a slick shuffled loop construction with arcing plumes of drowsy chords, sounding like George Benson spooning with Toro Y Moi on a handful of valium, and at 33 instead of 45. Give us enough morphine and we could happily listen to these on a loop for the rest of our lives. Highly recommended!

-Boomkat Review