ص†3R L1M1†Z baby

OUT3R LIMITS is a storied project from the U.S. underground: the work of 24 year old S.A.M. is an evolving exercise in narco-VHS memory and effortless, beyond the galaxy pop songwriting. What would the Chuck Berry Voyager Golden recording sound like having made a 40,000 year lap around the Milky Way and miraculously landed in Kevin McAllister’s backyard to be played while his parents have yet again fucked up and left him behind? The songs, submerged in equivocating tape decay, portray an iconic loner’s equal parts longing and willed decay, an undeniable romanticism and determination to push the limits of sound, culture, space and society. With a digital single and free mixtape scheduled to drop in January, world domination doesn’t seem that far away. We are all very excited to see this about to happen.

– Words by Norman Clay